During the Baroque period many composers came out into prominence, making names for themselves just like what happened with those painters and sculptors who gave considerable influence into the development of visual arts in the Renaissance period. The unrelenting support given by the royal families and noble courts as well as the establishment of many opera theatres in Europe laid the foundation of the Western classical music.

In this series of five music lecture podcasts, Cameristi della Scala takes you on a journey to show the development of certain musical instruments in the Baroque period which led their ways to become the family of a classical period orchestra. The strings represented by the violin, the woodwinds represented by the flute, oboe and bassoon; all thanks to the mastery and craftsmanship of the instrument makers, the interest of the noble courts and the genius of some prominent composers writing technically challenging music which influenced the progress of the making of musical instruments. This production is supported by Intesa Sanpaolo.

Gianluca Scandola

direttore artistico dei Cameristi della Scala


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